Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Greens Aerification - 2015

Today was our annual spring aerification.  Sounds exciting, doesn't it!  For the crew it means a long, hard days of work.  We started the day at 6AM and will not finish working until it gets dark (around 8PM).  Today started out a bit wet so we had to wait until the rain stopped to begin the process.  The sand we use is very special - it comes dried and is man-made in OH.  We ordered it dry so that it will "flow" into the holes we make in the greens.  We will use about 75 tons of sand.

We will finish most of the greens today (Monday) but may have a few more to finish on Tuesday along with aerifiation of the driving range tee and regular tees.  We will also be rolling the greens several times to help smooth the surface.

The course will be open for play Tuesday.  With good weather, the holes will be mostly gone in a few weeks.