Friday, April 10, 2015

Storm and Aerification

The 1st storm of the season came though yesterday dropping 2.73" of rain.  Because we were so dry, flooding was not as much of a concern.  We did have a wind gust last night at 10:07 PM at 42.5 MPH.  What was interesting about this wind gust is that it was not associated with any thunderstorm, but came after the storms had passed. The wind did not blow any major branches down, just lots of little stuff.  Our weather station has had over 4,500 hits since April 1st!  It is a great way to see what is happening when the storms are rolling through, be sure to check it out! Link to Biltmore Weather Station

Carts:  It is possible that we might have carts by Sunday, just depends on how things dry out the next few days.  The course has really greened up and the grass is starting to grow.

Aerification:  Spring green aerification is scheduled for Monday, April 13th.  In the spring we use smaller tines and should recovery fairly quickly.

Spring aerification is scheduled for Monday, April 13th.  It typically takes a few weeks for the greens to completely heal.