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CDGA Weekly Update - May 29, 2015

May 29, 2015 Scouting Report

The residual effects of the last cold snap of the season were seen last weekend as bentgrasses and 'L-93' in particular were showing up with a purple to off color as the weekend finished. The problem was not a disease one but more a physiological one - as we mentioned on the twitter feed - the cultivars found the cold temperatures and some high light intensities too much to handle last week and produced anthocyanins in an attempt to protect photosynthetic apparatus from damage. This in turn looked somewhat close to a leaf spot outbreak but in actual fact once temperatures both day and night turned favorable towards the middle of this week and people stayed off the greens with mowers for a day - turf recovered and returned to its normal self.

The precipitation that fell early in the week was certainly more tropical in style and while we were lucky that we didn't experience any of the unfortunate damage and destruction that was experienced further south in the U.S. - there was plenty of bunkers required attention. Courses were able to enjoy the conditions provided through Sunday at least and while for the south and west sides of the city there were some heavy downpours on Monday conditions were not a complete washout - that came on Tuesday! Precipitation was sporadic locally with reports of 1" in some locations and no more than 0.0015" in others which meant that carts were banned on some sites while others carried on as normal - frustrating all round!

Dollar spot activity has certainly ramped up and reports of the first type II fairy ring surfaced from further south after the heat of the weekend. On the northshore leaf spot did pop up on the bentgrasses leaving some blighted looking surfaces. As we are now into the summer season and heavy golf activity can be expected, staying on top of the weather and sticking to your management program is going to be one large step to getting you through the season. The other one - keep calm and carry on!

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