Sunday, May 10, 2015

CDGA Weekly Update - May 8, 2015

May 8, 2015 Scouting Report

This week finally brought the feeling of spring and also some of summer into the air. The winds coming from the south really dominated the latter portion of the week to drive temperatures well above averages. The downside of the warm humid air of course is the arrival of insects and diseases - everything as well as grass needs some warm weather to get active! While problems have not been major to date - there has been a severe burst of dandelion growth which has been frustrating for anyone who didn't put down a fall herbicide application. Seed heads have shown their face pretty dramatically on Poa annua and while some people may be unhappy with control - consistency with seed head control is not easy to achieve. Fairway and green surfaces are really in great shape and reports are that the golf activity has been hectic and based on PGA updates this week - golf facilities are up 4.5% already on last year's revenue on average.

Black turfgrass ataenius adults are certainly laying eggs and activity has been noted. Microdochium also returned a little bit earlier in the week for courses on the north shore of Chicago. In general conditions this week have been fantastic and the weather that was forecast earlier in the week didn't show up as predicted which really helped. Plenty of plant color can be seen on the golf courses too as trees and perennial flowers are beginning to gain activity with the warm weather. Finally - ITF and MACGS host their education fundraiser this Tuesday - get involved!

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