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CDGA Weekly Update - July 17, 2015

Scouting Report
July 17, 2015 Scouting Report
It's about to get bumpy around here is the general sentiment as the moisture that we have plenty of is going to get combined with some pretty warm temperatures – welcome to summer I guess! Problems have started to arrive as pythium showed up late this week and will have continued to put pressure on untreated areas over the weekend. Anthracnose has also shown its head pretty strongly with all the moisture and so reducing stress from cultural practices will be important for the next few days. It’s been so wet St. Andrews even looks green!
The field day season begun in earnest this week with Purdue kicking off the regional programs following a deluge and the attendance was excellent at ~500 people for the day. Water conservation talks, tree damage repair, fertility processes, insects and diseases were the dominant list of interest for everyone and the pork chop lunch was excellent also! The heat advisory this weekend is an important reminder for all of us who work outside to make sure that staff are well hydrated, covered in sunscreen, not pushing too hard on strenuous activities and wearing appropriate clothing – be careful out there. Next week looks like bringing some relief on the temperature front as of right now though there is still rain in the forecast. – Monday looks like a really really really good day to try and vent….
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