Thursday, August 27, 2015

The cake is in the oven

The new practice area was seeded yesterday.  In the next few weeks the grass seeds will begin to pop.  We hope to have the path finished next week and the landscaping will be installed in October.  Photo credits to Wyatt Byrd and Peter Westfall.

Spraying the Billy Bunker material.  A new process to improve drainage while keeping the bunker free of dirt.

We used hoses to delineate the areas of bent from bluegrass while seeding

We seeded and hydro mulched the area all in-house.

Finished product - now we wait

The greens mix is mostly sand which was built to USGA standards.  After the green is seeded, the sand is "dimpled" to keep the seed from floating away.

The brick walk is nearing completion.  This walk and stone wall were also installed in-house (as was the irrigation and much of the drainage system).

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Week in Pictures

It has been dry!  Since July 18th we have received 0.31" of rain and over the same time the ET was 2.85" which is a measure of water that has evaporated from the soil.   The dry weather has been helpful with construction of the new practice area.  We hope to have it seeded in 2-3 weeks.

Stone walls are being constructed at the same time the new green is being built.

Each rock of the wall has to be moved carefully.  Some weight up to 1 ton.
To make sure it is being constructed per the specs, high tech survey equipment is used.
The flowers are in full bloom all around the property!

The sunrises have been beautiful! The greens are in great shape!
 Photo credit
 Peter Westfall

Another sunrise over #15 green.
Photo credit Peter Westfall

Saturday, August 1, 2015

MGI Week

The 2015 grounds crew - thanks for all their hard work these last few days in getting the course ready for MGI!  Starting at 4:30AM and going home at 9PM makes for a long day!  You may not see them, which is by design, but they are there, all doing their best to make Biltmore great.  If you do see a crew member, please tell them thanks- it will mean a lot.
New practice area is coming along - hope to seed in the next 3-4 weeks.

The moon was very bright in the early AM this week.

The flowers are looking good!