Thursday, August 27, 2015

The cake is in the oven

The new practice area was seeded yesterday.  In the next few weeks the grass seeds will begin to pop.  We hope to have the path finished next week and the landscaping will be installed in October.  Photo credits to Wyatt Byrd and Peter Westfall.

Spraying the Billy Bunker material.  A new process to improve drainage while keeping the bunker free of dirt.

We used hoses to delineate the areas of bent from bluegrass while seeding

We seeded and hydro mulched the area all in-house.

Finished product - now we wait

The greens mix is mostly sand which was built to USGA standards.  After the green is seeded, the sand is "dimpled" to keep the seed from floating away.

The brick walk is nearing completion.  This walk and stone wall were also installed in-house (as was the irrigation and much of the drainage system).