Saturday, August 8, 2015

Week in Pictures

It has been dry!  Since July 18th we have received 0.31" of rain and over the same time the ET was 2.85" which is a measure of water that has evaporated from the soil.   The dry weather has been helpful with construction of the new practice area.  We hope to have it seeded in 2-3 weeks.

Stone walls are being constructed at the same time the new green is being built.

Each rock of the wall has to be moved carefully.  Some weight up to 1 ton.
To make sure it is being constructed per the specs, high tech survey equipment is used.
The flowers are in full bloom all around the property!

The sunrises have been beautiful! The greens are in great shape!
 Photo credit
 Peter Westfall

Another sunrise over #15 green.
Photo credit Peter Westfall