Monday, September 21, 2015

#2 Green and Issue
Yesterday we sent a message just as we always do using about course related issues, but this time the message kept resending to those signed up for email alerts.  Unfortunately the issue was with RainedOut and as such we had no control over the excess emails being sent.  This is a free service.  They posted a message on their website that they were having technical issues.  We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope this does not happen again.

#2 Green: 
A few weeks ago we "rebuilt" about 1/2 of #2 green to make it more playable.  This was not an approved USGA fix, but the goal was to keep the green open at all times, and use the existing sod (not new sod).  The contractor, Hollembeak Construction,  stripped the sod, cored the green out, repaired the drain tile, installed a mix similar to the existing green and reinstalled the sod.  The green is looking good and over the next few weeks we will be topdressing, lowering the height on the sod and core aerate the entire green.  We hope to open it for play in Early October.
#2 green- September 21st - about 10 days after the sod was reinstalled.  It will be a few more weeks until it can open for play (most likely early October).  But what a difference!  Many new pin locations.  This fix should be considered temporary as now we have two styles of green construction in one.

This is a video of what the soils were like UNDER the green.  We had to remove this mucky/ soft layer above the clay.  This layer remains under the front of the green.  For whatever reason, when the green was built, they used poor soils to build the green.
This shows the muck layer of soil - about 2' down.

Grading of the back of the green

The sod was kept in the same order as it came off the green and then relaying the same way.

The drain lines had to be lowered and reinstalled.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Practice Area Update

The practice area is coming along nicely.  We cut the green for the 1st time today and have cut the other grass a few times.  In mid October the landscape material will be planted.  Photos by Wyatt Byrd