Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Course Opening??

Yesterday we rolled greens and today we cut them for the 1st time this year.  If we do not get any heavy rains, we MAY open the course this Saturday - March 12th -  look for an email from the proshop on Friday AM.  That will be the earliest opening of the course in my 20 years at Biltmore.  In 2012 we opened the greens on March 14th.  We are several weeks ahead (in weather terms) of normal.  The ice is gone on Honey Lake and the frost is mostly out of the ground.  We still have plenty of cleanup work to do and if we open Saturday, the course will not be cleared of branches and on course equipment will not all be out.  It will take us a few more weeks to get the course up to speed.

1st cut of 2016 -  Wednesday, March 9th

Friday, March 4th

Earthworms think spring is here.