Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dryer Fire in Shop

Tonight we had a fire in our maintenance shop break room.  It came from the dryer, but we are not sure what malfunctioned with the dryer.  We were very lucky that the Lake Zurich FD was here quick enough to put the fire out before it spread to other areas of the shop.  They say a fire will double in size every minute.
Dryers can catch on fire!  We are not sure what happened as it was several hours after everyone had gone home for the day when this dryer, only a few years old, caught on fire.
You can see where the flames we going up the side of the washer that was sitting next to the dryer.  The Lake Zurich FD was quick to respond and put the fire out quickly.  We do have some smoke and water damage, but it could have been much worse!