Monday, May 30, 2016

New Practice Area

The new practice area has been open for 4 weeks and as we enter the hotter time of year it is really important that we use of the area as it was intended.  Thanks for you help in keeping this small practice area playable all year long.  If you have any questions, please ask the pro shop staff.

This area of the new practice tee was intended to be used only on the mats. Hitting to the targets from the grass will destroy this turf in a mater of weeks.  The turf is for use in giving lessons only.

A close up of the divots shows that improper use, the divots should be in a line - not scattered. These full, scattered divots will take weeks longer to heal than the proper "line" with only a small area of turf removed with each swing.  See diagram below.

Anytime you are taking a divot, it should be as shown above- in all practice areas.  With your help, we can  keep the turf healthy for the next golfer.