Monday, June 27, 2016

What happens on Monday??

Monday is our longest work day - the crew works a minimum of 10 hours and we have been known to work 16 hours (two full work days in one).  Why so much work when the club is closed?  Exactly why we work so much on Monday!  Our goal is to never been seen....  This Monday we are doing the following:


  • Verticutting 
  • Topdressing
  • Dragging 
  • Spraying  - Growth Regulators and Wetting Agents
  • Watering  (this is required for the products we are spraying that they be watered in thoroughly)
For the rest of the course:

  • Cutting all of the Rough - 3 large mowers and 3 smaller mowers - all day
  • Edging Bunkers (takes 8 men all day)
  • Cleaning the Driving Range Tee of Divots and Seeding and Soiling
  • Sharpening/ Grinding and adjusting all the Greens Mowers
  • Power Washing Patio/ Walls at the Beach House
  • Spraying Weeds
  • Other small projects
This amount of work to the greens will affect speed of the greens on Tuesday, but as they dry out the speed will improve.  We have to do this type of maintenance in order to remove grain and help the greens putt true, smooth and be healthy.

In the coming days I will post an update about the new product we are testing on #4 Green- PoaCure.  It looks like great weather this week - come on out and play!

Verticutting is the 1st step of the process to help remove excess thatch and make the greens smoother.  We do this every 4 weeks (at least).

Topdressing is done by hand to reduce wear on the greens.
The greens are then dragged with brushes - by hand to work the sand into the greens and help stand the grass up - again to help reduce grain.
Greens and Tees are then sprayed
The chemicals must be washed into the soil in order for them to be absorbed by the plant and help reduce dry spots.
About every 4 weeks the bunkers are edged and weeded.
On Monday our goal is to cut all of the rough - it takes 6 men 10 hours to accomplish this.