Monday, July 25, 2016

Hot, Humid and Wet

In the last few days, temps have been hitting 90 degrees with frequent rains (3.37" in the last 4 days).  At the start, we needed the rain but now it is to much.  Disease pressure is very high which required extra applications of fungicides. The rough is not protected from diseases and many areas are affected which will cause discolorations and thinning.  Today (Monday) the course is soaked once again and we are unable to mow rough - hope to begin this afternoon.

We have two weather stations at Biltmore, one is linked online that you can view at anytime CLICK HERE to see the info from this weather station.  Also if you would like updates on carts, course conditions, frost delays, etc - sign up at - CLICK HERE for  You can also view all messages that I have sent on the website (without signing up).  Typically messages are sent early in the mornings when needed.

Data from our weather station

Today we are needle tine aerating greens - this is with a very small, solid tine that will not affect play.  This helps to allow air into the water logged soils.

Monday Course Work:

  • Edge bunkers and fix washouts
  • Walk push mow rough around greens and tees
  • Spray growth regulators on greens and tees
  • Cut tees and collars
  • Needle tine aerate greens and rolling (to smooth afterwards)
  • Grind greens mowers (sharpen)
  • Grind Rough Mowers (sharpen and routine maintenance)
  • Seed and soil (fill divots)