Monday, July 11, 2016


This spring we started a trial on #4 green using a product called PoaCure.  It is in the EPA registration process (and has been for many years) but shows great promise in removing Poa from Bent greens.  This spring we agreed to participate in the ongoing national trails and our protocol was to make 4 applications, 2 weeks apart starting in April and two more applications in October.  Other sites use different application timing/rates and then all the data is used to come up with a recommendation for how best to use the product, if and when it is approved.

PoaCure works by stopping the growth of the Poa and allowing bent to overtake and/or out compete.  It is a very slow process and most people do not see the full results until the following year.  So far, we have seen some reduction in Poa, but not much - which is very normal.

PoaCure may become available next year. But PoaCure will be best suited for golf courses that have recently renovated their greens, helping to keep them pure bent.  PoaCure does not fix infrastructure issues (shade, poor construction or drainage or excessive contours) and doe not replace the older bents with the newer bents.   The older bents are not very desirable grasses (thick blades, puffy, etc).  The new bents are much better than the old.  So, for a course like Biltmore with a mix of Poa, old Bents and new Bents, and construction issues we will have to see how PoaCure might fit in to the overall management strategy.
#4 Green - the left side of the green treated with PoaCure

Bent is the grass on the left and Poa on the right

Today (Monday) we worked 12 hours, so we could be prepared for the 8:30AM shotgun on Tuesday:

  • Mowed Tees and Fairways
  • Mowed all Rough
  • Sprayed Greens, Tees and Fairways
  • Topdress Greens and Tees by hand (4 passes)
  • Dragged Greens (to work sand in and remove "grain")
  • Weeded Flowers at Clubhouse
  • Power washed decking at Beach
  • Watered dry areas (there are lots of them!)
  • Edged Cart Paths