Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Poa Trivialis

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the rough was taking it on the chin this year.  Poa trivialis is a grass that is found throughout the course at Biltmore, especially in the rough.  Why it is here, is a story for another blog, but it is here to stay.  It does great in cool, wet summers - but hot, humid or dry and its says good bye!  It also likes shade, so when trees are removed it is not a happy camper.  This summer we had some very hot, humid nights - perfect weather for diseases, especially Brown Patch, Pythium and Dollar Spot.  All three affect Poa Triv..

This week we begin renovating the areas - most notably where trees once stood.  Poa triv is also found around tees that have not been renovated in a few years and so those areas are now a priority to be repaired.  Smaller areas are aerified and seeded, while larger areas are roto tilled and seeded.  We hope to have most of the work completed this week or at least by early next week.  This is the perfect time for seeding and those areas should be back in play by mid October (large areas), however the smaller areas and sod will heal within a 3-4 weeks.

The rough around #8 tee was affected and we are taking the opportunity to straighten the edge of the tee and level the area.  This will be sodded in the few days.

Hydro mulch will be applied to the large areas in the rough - after they are leveled and seeded with Low Mow Bluegrass.
And if we were not busy enough, our sprayer sprung a hydraulic leak on part of #14 and #15 fairways.  We will have to wait and see how much turf is affected, but with aerification around the corner, that will help with the recovery process from this oil leak.  It is always something!