Monday, August 29, 2016

To Wet for Carts??

This past weekend we received a total of 0.71" of rain, not a lot but with the high humidity and frequent rain events it, kept the course soaked.  Disease pressure was also very high.

Friday Average Humidity: 82%
Saturday Average Humidity: 91%
Sunday Average Humidity: 88%

Today (Monday) we were able to get back at cutting rough and should be caught up by Tuesday.  Today Barrington High School golf team hosts other school for the annual outing at 1:30 PM.

Please be careful with carts on the course - when the peat bog becomes soaked, soft areas can sometime be hard to see and you will sink more than normal.

When the peat bog becomes saturated, wet/soft spots sometimes are hard to see. 

Any thin turf areas will stay wet longer and damage from carts even longer lasting.

The ropes really do mean - don't do it!  Not only will you sink in the soft peat, but also damage the seedlings.